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A Constituent Unit of Patliputra University, Patna

स्थापित - 1949

NAAC Re-Accredited

With Grade-A | CGPA of 3.10/4

Language lab

College of Commerce, Arts & Science, Patna has a sophisticated Language Laboratory which is managed and operated by the Department of English. This Laboratory is of particular use to the students pursuing the different courses in the college.

Language laboratory is an audio-visual installation used in modern teaching methods to learn the foreign languages. It is a technological breakthrough for imparting skills in English. The lab offers an exclusive result oriented and efficient way to enrich the English language learning process.


Major Benefits of our Language Lab:


  • Auditory Oriented: The direct sound transmission helps the students to follow the teacher’s instructions with clarity and ease.
  • Comprehensive: The Lab increases the pace of comprehension as students’ coaching is purely based on the level of study.
  • Effective learning: The lab provides to learn the foreign language practice in a focused setting that eliminates the feelings of self-consciousness.
  • Focussed Guidance: It is easy to guide the groups by monitoring each student independently without disturbing the others students.
  • Scope for self-evaluation: The students can do a periodical self-evaluation to measure their progress as well as evaluate their language skill with that of the expert.
  • Independent learning: Access to resources beyond the timetable encourages independent learning.
  • Overcome the fear: The automated learning environment removes one’s fear and creates a happy learning situation.
  • Medium of interactivity: The students can record their own voice and play back the recordings, interact with each other and the teacher, and store the results.


Dr. Aditi

Associate Professor, Dept of English.