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A Constituent Unit of Patliputra University, Patna

स्थापित - 1949

NAAC Re-Accredited

With Grade-A | CGPA of 3.10/4

Vision & Mission


The motto of the college is “विद्या विनयं च” which means “acquiring knowledge and upholding a polite and composed behaviour”. Inspired by the motto of the college, our institution’s vision is to provide quality education and equal opportunities to all irrespective of socio, cultural, religious and economic backgrounds. To create and nourish the academic environment for the students in their unparalleled educational voyage. To maintain virtues, integrity and intellectual culture to impart quality education and professional skills and fostering our cultural heritage as well. To facilitate congenial conditions to inculcate a harmonious fusion of modernity and our country's traditional culture in the stakeholders' thought process. The Institution believes in contributing to society through our quest for teaching and learning at the highest level of excellence and providing the utmost educational experience to the students while cultivating and transforming them intellectually, personally and socially.



Creating a learning environment where students can critically analyze, conserve, and transmit knowledge, wisdom,skills and develop in them a huge respect for values. The institution aims to assist students in reaching their fullest potential in terms of intellectual, physical, and human growth by fostering an understanding and appreciation for the intricate cultural and physical environments in which they live and to prepare future leaders and citizens for our society.