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A Constituent Unit of Patliputra University, Patna

स्थापित - 1949

NAAC Re-Accredited

With Grade-A | CGPA of 3.10/4

The Cell


Professor (Dr.) Indrajit Prasad Roy, Principal (Ex-officio)


Dr. Santosh Kumar, Department of Physics.

Administrative officers
  • Prof. T.N.Singh, Director, IIT, Patna
  • Shri. Vijoy Prakash, Retired IAS officer
  • Shri. Ram Ishwar Prasad, Retired IAS officer
Nominees from Local Society, Students, Alumni
  • Smt. Sita Sahu - Mayor, Patna
  • Hon'ble Justice Shailesh Kumar Sinha - Retired Judge, Patna High Court
  • Dr. Pranay Gupta - Department of Psychology, College of Commerce, Arts & Science, Patna
  • MR. Neeraj Kumar, Student, Persident awardee for NSS Work.
Nominees from employer/Industrialists/Stakeholders
  • Shri. sanjiv Kumar (Industrialist), Chairman, Takshila Educational Society & Pro Vice Chairman, DPS, Patna
  • Shri. M.K. Singh (Industrialist) - Chairman, Indechemie
  • Shri. Umesh Sharma (Alias Bhola Babu) - MD, Aristo Pharma
  • Professor. A.K. Nag - D.S.W., Patliputra University, Patna
  • Shri. Binod Kumar Singh - H.A., College of Commerce, Arts & Science, Patna
  • Professor. Jai Mnagal Deo - Department of Psychology
  • Professor. Rajiv Ranjan - Department of History
  • Professor. Rashmi Akhoury - Department of Economics
  • Professor. Imteyaz Hassan - Department of Commerce
  • Professor. A.K. Bhaskar - Department of Physics
  • Professor. Kumar Chandradeep - Department of English
  • Professor. Mridula Kumari - Department of Economics
  • Professor. Rachna Suchinmayee - Department of Political Science
  • Dr. Sunita Lall - Department of History